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In which I dabble in fake subbing

Jul 14, 2009 by     No Comments    Posted under: Korea, opinion, other

Fake subs. Whether you love or hate them, you probably know they exist within the international side of fandom. And I’ve tried my hand at them. Why not? It’s summer, and fandom crack is on the slow. I decided to have “YG Live” as my victim, because the show is 1) full of a number of different artists, and 2) perfect for weird plot lines and oddities. I’ll admit to being totally random, but I have faith that a story will form.

I only have to parts up so far, but I plan on doing more. It’s just for fun, so I hope everyone takes them as that. What has emerged so far, in case you’re curious: hungry Youngbae, fashionista Daesung, passive aggressive CL, and clepto TOP. Get ready for more.

Part 2

If I don’t update like I should (and I never do), forgive me. My week is occupied, but that usually isn’t much of an excuse. I just want to shift blame just in case.

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